Yoga Renee


reneeI received my Hatha Vinyasa teacher training at Laughing Lotus which has inspired me to cultivate my creative heart through my practice and teaching. Performing on Broadway, traveling the world and coming from a songwriter perspective, I can dive deep into exploring the expression of our daily life influences. I encourage the connection of our inner process to our physical world all happening through the play of the Asanas (postures). It is the choreography of the present moment alive and free.

The mantra of our breath as the inner music guiding us to let go. The teacher, Patanjali, states in “The Yoga Sutras” that “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodaha” which means “Yoga is the stilling of the mental mind fluctuations.

I provide a range of classes to fit your style. I work with people of all experience levels. Beginner classes with the basics and alignment to more Intermediate/ Advance classes exploring advance poses and variations in the Asanas.

Make it personal with a private session or explore with a small group of friends. I can travel to your office or home providing the comfort you need to explore, have fun, relax, workout the mind waves through the ocean of the body and breath. You are welcome to join one of my classes. Check my schedule and email me with availability.

Warm regards,